The 7th International Conference of Panel Study on Korean Children: Global Approach to Longitudinal Study on Child Development

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dc.description.tableofcontents □ Introduction of Panel Study on Korean Children/Eunseol Kim (PSKC Team, KICCE) 1 □ Session1. Keynote Speech - Keynote Speech Ⅰ. The longitudinal effects of preschool education on children's development: evidence from the English EPPSE study/Prof. Kathy Sylva(University of Oxford) 17 - Keynote Speech Ⅱ. Ongoing reforms of the German ECEC system: The role of longitudinal studies/Prof. Bernhard Kalicki(The German Youth Institute, DJI) 33 □ Session2. Special Speech - Special Speech Ⅰ. Factor Analysis of the Need for Childcare Leave Policies/Dr. Nayoung Kim(KICCE) 63 - Special Speech Ⅱ. Allergic Disease in Children from PSKC Study/Prof. Soo-Jong Hong(Asan Medical Center) 89 □ Session3. Presentation of Academic Papers [Topic 1] Children's problem behaviors 115 - 1. Parent-child interaction, children’s media use, and their behavioral/emotional problems using cluster analysis/Presenter: Yo Hyun Song (Associate Research Fellow, KICCE); Discussant: Ha Yeoung Min (Catholic Univ. of Daegu) 117 - 2. Mediation Effects of Infant’s Play Interaction in the Influence of Father’s Parenting Behavior on to Behavior Problem : Longitudinal Mediation Analysis Using Multivariate Latent Growth Curve Modeling and Autoregressive Cross-Lagged Modeling/Presenter: Min-Kyu Cho (Kyungpook National Univ.); Discussant: Young Eun Chang (Chung-Ang Univ.) 147 - 3. Longitudinal Relationships between Fathers’ Parenting Attitude and Children’s Attention Problem Using Autoregressive Cross-Lagged Modeling/Presenter: Cheong-ah Huh, Hanjin Bae (Seoul National Univ.); Discussant: Jeongrim Lee (Research Fellow, KICCE) 177 [Topic 2. Children's health] 219 - 1. Prevalence of Speech Sound Disorders in 6-year-old children in South Korea/Presenter: Soo-Jin Kim, Yoo-Kyeong Ko, Eun-Young Seo, Gyung-Ah Oh (Korea Nazarene Univ.); Discussant: Hyun Sub Sim (Ewha Womans Univ.) 221 - 2. Structural Model of Parenting Style, Media Usage Type and Body Mass Index in Preschool Children/Presenter: Soo Jung Kim, Ick-Joong Chung (Ewha Womans Univ.), Jung Hee Lee (Portland State Univ.); Discussant: Meery Rhee (Korea National Sport Univ.) 251 - 3. A Structural Analysis among Marital Conflict, Mothers’ Depression and Toddlers’Sleep Problems depending on Temperament Types of Toddlers/Presenter: Choonkyung Kim, Sookhee Kim (Kyungpook National Univ.); Discussant: Ji Hyun Kim (Associate Research Fellow, KICCE) 267 [Topic 3. Children's happiness & social skills] 297 - 1. Exploring Variables Influencing the Happiness of Young Children/ Presenter: Gyeong Seon Lee (Tongmyong Univ.); Discussant: Nam Hee Do (Associate Research Fellow, KICCE) 299 - 2. Mothers and Teachers in Children’s Social Contexts: Effects of Children’s Temperament and Children’s Interactions with Mothers/Teachers on Mothers’/Teachers’ Perceptions of Children’s Social Skills/Presenter: Sook In Cho (Associate Research Fellow, KICCE); Discussant: Hye Jun Park (Seoul National Univ.) 329 - 3. Developmental trajectories of negative peer play: Differences in school adjustment and structural relations between relevant predictors/Presenter: Suhyun Lee, Seri Kim (Seoul National Univ.); Discussant: Yoolim Shin (The Catholic Univ. of Korea) 355 [Topic 4. Longitudinal approach etc.] 377 - 1. A Study of Sample Attrition in ‘Panel Study on Korean Children’/Presenter: Hyomi Choi (Associate Research Fellow, KICCE); Discussant: Sang-Ho Lee (Korea Employment Information Service) 379 - 2. Survival analysis for Children’s Onset of Entering Early Childhood Education and Care(ECEC) Center : Using Cox Proportional Hazards Regression/Presenter: Hyunjung Lee, Eunsoo Lee, Hyeyoung Ahn, Sehee Hong (Korea Univ.); Discussant: Changhyun Park (Associate Research Fellow, KICCE) 397 - 3. Analysis on the Pre-School Children’s Problematic Behavior according to the Types of Parenting Attitude of Their Parents/Presenter: Hyeji Kil, Jeongwon Hwang (Research Fellow, KEDI); Discussant: Sang-Hyun Mo (National Youth Policy Institute) 411 -
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dc.title The 7th International Conference of Panel Study on Korean Children: Global Approach to Longitudinal Study on Child Development -
dc.title.alternative 제7회 한국아동패널 국제학술대회: 아동발달의 종단적 접근과 국제적 흐름 -
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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitation 육아정책연구소. (2016-11-24). The 7th International Conference of Panel Study on Korean Children: Global Approach to Longitudinal Study on Child Development. 1-442. -
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dc.relation.projectName 한국아동 성장발달 종단연구 (한국아동패널 Ⅱ) -
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