4. KICCE Policy Brief27

Periodical Issue Date2015-12-31 CitationStrategy Planning Center. (2015-12-31). Integration of ECEC in Korea: Current Status and Future Directions. KICCE Policy Brief, Issue 7 1-4.

Strategy Planning Center

Periodical Issue Date2018-11-30 CitationJinah Park. (2018-11-30). ECEC Statistics of Korea: Services, Enrollment and Workforce. KICCE Policy Brief, Issue 10 1-5.

Jinah Park

Periodical Issue Date2013-09-10 CitationJeongwon Lee. (2013-09-10). In-home Childcare Support Service, The New Bridge between Work and Family Life. KICCE Policy Brief, Issue 1 1-5.

Jeongwon Lee

Periodical Issue Date2014-10-20 CitationMisun Yang. (2014-10-20). Multilateral Measures Required to Ease the Cost Burden of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Placed on Parents. KICCE Policy Brief, Issue 4 1-6.

Misun Yang

Periodical Issue Date2014-06-20 CitationYoon Kyung Choi. (2014-06-20). Childrearing Prices Modulate Parents’ Perception on the Cost of Raising a Child. KICCE Policy Brief, Issue 3 1-5.

Yoon Kyung Choi

Periodical Issue Date2015-09-30 CitationJinah Park. (2015-09-30). ECEC Statistics of Korea: Access to Services, Participation and Financial Resources. KICCE Policy Brief, Issue 5 1-5.

Jinah Park

Periodical Issue Date2013-12-27 CitationMyung-Lim Chang. (2013-12-27). Nuri Curriculum:The First Step toward the Integration of the Split Systems of Early Childhood Education and Care in Korea. KICCE Policy Brief, Issue 2 1-5.

Myung-Lim Chang

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