2014 KICCE Project Report Abstract

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dc.description.tableofcontents [Major Research Projects] Child Care Support Network Model Development Based on Local Community 8 Measures to Improve Equity in Using Childcare and Education Services from the Perspective of Social Integration 10 A Proposal for Integration of Early Childhood Education and Care Statistics 12 An Analysis on Parents’ Using Child Caring Information and Measures to Increase the Availability 14 The Increase of Budget for Early Childhood Education and Care and its Effects: 2004~2014 16 KICCE Childrearing Price Index(II) 18 International comparative research for managing the quality of ECEC 20 Improving Measures of Meals and Snacks in Child Care Settings 22 Development of Assessment Tools and Utilization Measures for the Improvement of Childcare for Infants 24 A Survey Research of ECEC(Early Childhood Care and Education): A Comparison of Kindergartens and Childcare Centers 26 An Analysis on Teacher Education and Certification System for Early Childhood Education and Care 28 Health and Nutrition Support Plans for Low-income Children and Pregnant·Breastfeeding Women 30 Enhancement Measures for Happiness in Early Childhood 32 Achievements of the Childcare Policy in 2014 and Future Tasks 34 Outcomes and Future Tasks of the 2014 Early Childhood Education Policy 36 Case Study of ECEC(Early Childhood Education and Child Care) Model Implementation (VI): Proactive Cooperation of Local Government’s Supporting System 38 Current Status and Improvement Measures of Childcare Support for Children of Dual Income Families 41 Current Status of the Nuri Curriculum Implementation 44 An Analysis of the Child Development Assessment Scale: the Effect of Nuri Curriculum 46 Analysis on Nuri-curriculum’s articulation: Focusing on articulation with primary school education 48 Support Teachers for the Nuri Curriculum Implementation 50 Estimation Study on Children’s Education and Childcare Expenses (II) 52 Study on Standard Childhood Education Expenses Calculation in 2014 55 2014 Panel Study of Korean Children 57 In-depth Analysis on the Panel Study of Korean Children(PSKC) 59 The Impact of Child Care and Education Support Policy on the Decision to Have a Baby 60 [Occasional Research Projects] Development in the Semi-public Child Care Center 64 Improving the Selection Standard of Public Child Care Center’s Subcontractor 66 Managing the Quality of Teaching Materials and Tools in Kindergarten 69 Effective Management of Mixed-Age Class 71 Legislating Financial Accounting Regulations for Operating United Financial Accounting Rules 73 Critical Period for the Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language 75 A Study on Job Analysis of Child Care Staff (in charge of Health · Nutrition · Safety) 77 Building a Website of the Child Development Assessment Scale for 5-Year Old 79 Health Promotion Program for Young Children 81 Selection Criteria and Operation System of Continuing Education Institute for Daycare Teachers 83 A Pilot Study of Public Childcare Center Management and Implementation 85 -
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