The Early Advantage 1—Early Childhood Systems That Lead by Example

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The Early Advantage 1—Early Childhood Systems That Lead by Example
Sharon Lynn Kagan
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Teachers College Press
Table Of Contents
Table of Contents

Foreword by Marc Tucker


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Chapter 1. Changing the Narratives
Sharon Lynn Kagan

Chapter 2. Maintaining the Reform Momentum in Australia
Collette Tayler, Tom Peachey, and Bridget Healey

Chapter 3. Laying the Foundation for Lifelong Skills: Universal and Integrated Early Childhood Services in England
Kathy Sylva, Grace Murkett, and Lily Fritz

Chapter 4. A Principled, Personalized, Trusting, and Child-Centric ECEC System in Finland
Kristiina Kumpulainen

Chapter 5. Responsive Policymaking and Implementation: Enhancing ECEC System Quality and Equity in Hong Kong
Nirmala Rao and Carrie Lau

Chapter 6. Progress via Innovation and Investment: Setting the Stage for Greater Harmonization in the Republic of Korea
Mugyeong Moon and Eva Landsberg

Chapter 7. A Careful Balancing Act: Evolving and Harmonizing a Hybrid System of ECEC in Singapore
Rebecca Bull and Alfredo Bautista

Chapter 8. Acting on New Narratives
Sharon Lynn Kagan and Eva Landsberg

Appendix A: Country Fact Sheet—Australia

Appendix B: Country Fact Sheet—England

Appendix C: Country Fact Sheet—Finland

Appendix D: Country Fact Sheet—Hong Kong

Appendix E: Country Fact Sheet—Republic of Korea

Appendix F: Country Fact Sheet—Singapore

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