2009 KICCE Project Report Abstracts

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2009 KICCE Project Report Abstracts
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2009년도 영문 요약집
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Table Of Contents
Major Research Projects
The Effect of Childcare Subsidies for Families with Infants and Young Children 3
A Study on the Development of Facility/Equipment Standards for Kindergartens and Childcare Facilities 5
Current status of Kindergarten Quality Assurance System and Policy in Korea 7
Activating Parental Education and Participation at Childcare Facilities and Kindergartens 10
A Survey on the Current Status of Hakwons(private academies) for Young Children in Korea 12
Pilot Application of the Cooperation Model of Early Childhood Education and Care 14
The Panel Study on Korean Children of 2009 18
Development and Pilot Application of an Integrated Support Model for Disadvantaged Infants and Young Children 20

Expedited Research Projects
Developing Ways to Ensure Quality of Full-day Kindergartens 25
A Study on the Effectiveness of Childcare Accreditation 29
Current Status of Extracurricular Activities at Kindergartens 31
A Study on the Effectiveness and Operating System of Childcare Substitute Teacher Programs in Korea 33

Consigned Research Projects
A Survey on the Current Status of Young Children from Educationally Disadvantaged Families 39
The 2009 National Childcare Survey: A Household Census 41
The Evaluation of and Plans for the Childcare Accreditation System 43
Enhancing the Professionalism of Childcare Workers 45
The Current Status of Extracurricular Activities at Childcare Centers 46
The Development of a Korean Cultural Identity Program for Young Children 48
A Korean Traditional Arts Education Program for Young Children 50
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