2015 KICCE Project Report Abstracts

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2015 KICCE Project Report Abstracts
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2015년도 영문 요약집
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[Major Research Projects]
Plan for Strengthening and Protecting the Rights of Kindergarten Daycare Teachers 06
Measures to Reinforce Customized Child Care Service for Child Care Centers and Kindergartens 08
The Study of Sustainable Child Care Support Field for Inter-Korea Exchange and Cooperation 11
Utilization of Decent Part-time Jobs in Childcare Center and Kindergarten 13
A Study of Grandparents Raising Young Grandchildren and Support System 15
KICCE Childrearing Price Index and Parents’ Perception of the Childrearing Cost (Ⅲ) 17
Current Status and Improvement Plans of Early Childhood Education and Care in Rural Areas 18
Mid-to-Long Term Forecasts of the Demand and Fiscal Spending for Early Childhood Education and Childcare 19
Issues and Tools of the International Assessment on Young Children's Learning and Development 21
Preschoolers’ Current Private Education Status and Improvement Measures : Focused on the Effects of Early Foreign Language Education 22
The Trend of Child Care Support Policy and its Future Challenges 24

[General Research Projects]
Achievements and Challenges of Childcare Policies in 2015 28
Outcomes of the Early Childhood Education Policy in 2015 and Future Tasks 29
Measures to Substantiality of Childcare Support for Improving Fertility and Work-Family Balance(Ⅴ) 31
Revising the Nuri Curriculum for Children at Age 3 to 5 34
Nuri Curriculum for Ages 3 to 5 : Plans for Strengthening Partnerships between ECEC centers, Home, and Community 35
An Investigation of the current states of the operation and use of NURI curriculum for Ages 3 to 5 and its Effectiveness 37
Developing an Inventory for Measuring Character of ECEC Teachers and Strategies for Enhancing their Character Education 40
Estimation Study on children’s(0-5 years) Education and Childcare Expenses Ⅲ 41
A Study on the Calculation of Childcare Expenses by Considering Regional Characteristics 2015 43
Estimating the Standard Cost of Kindergarten Education in 2015 45
Individualized Child Care Support Plans (Ⅰ) 46
[Plans for Further Safe Childcare Education Environments] 1. Improvement Measures and Current Safety Management Status of Kindergarten and Childcare Centers 48
[Plans for Further Safe Childcare Education Environments] 2. A Study on the Construction of Space Environment for Improving Safety in Child Care Center and Kindergarten 50
[Plans for Further Safe Childcare Education Environments] 3. Policies for Securing the Safety of Transport Environment and School Buses 52
Panel Study on Korean Children(PSKC) 2015 54
Panel Study on Korean Children(PSKC) 2008-2014 In-Depth Data Analysis Research 56
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