2016 KICCE Project Report Abstracts

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2016 KICCE Project Report Abstracts
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2016년도 영문 요약집
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[Major Research Projects]
06 Improvement in Policies to Support Parenting
09 Evaluation and Improvement Plan for Public Child Care and Education Supply Policy
11 Implement Strategies for ECEC Integration and Settlement in Korea
14 A Study on Improving Institutional Education for Care of Infants: Focusing on Home Day Care
16 Strategies for Improving the Environment of ECEC: Exploring the Most Appropriate Ratio of Teachers vs. Children
18 A Study on the Current Status and Improvement of Private Education for Young Children II: Focused on Two- and Five-Year-Old Children
20 Building of Child Care Support System for North Korean Refugees with Young Children
22 Perspectives and Values of Koreans on Becoming a Parent and Raising Children
24 A Study on the Environment of Child-rearing and Development of the Brain to Promote Children's Creativity
26 KICCE Childrearing Price Index and Parents’ Perceptions on the Cost of Childrearing (Ⅳ)
28 A Study of Paternal Involvement in Parenting and Empowerment of Paternal Involvement
30 The Current State and Future Plan for Child Care Support: Leave Policy and Working Time Policy

[General Research Projects]
34 Analysis of Locally Tailored Childcare Support Policies
36 Suggestions for Policy Improvements to Enhance Career Happiness of Preschool and Daycare Teachers
38 Policy for Autonomy and Diversity in Curriculum Planning and Implementation for Improving the Quality of the Nuri Curriculum
40 Performance Analysis of the Nuri Policy
42 Monitoring Quality of Teacher Implementation of the Nuri Curriculum
44 Early Children Education and Child-care Cost Estimate Research (Ⅳ)
46 Calculation of Childcare Center Cost in 2016: Considering the Types of Childcare Services
48 Estimating the Standard Cost of Kindergarten Education in 2016
50 Individualized Child Care Support Plans(Ⅱ): Current Status of the Supporting Programs for Adopted Children and Plans for Further Improvements
52 Research on Plans for Improving Children’s Physical Health: Centered on the Effects of Physical Health Promotion Program
54 Development and Application of Evaluation-based CARE Consulting Model for Monitoring Quality of Child Care Centers
57 Safe Childcare and Educational Environment Plan Ⅱ: Awareness of Child Abuse at Home and Institution and Methods for Prevention
59 Panel Study on Korean Children (PSKC) 2016
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