2017 KICCE Project Report Abstracts

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2017 KICCE Project Report Abstracts
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2017년도 영문 요약집
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ECEC Policies

06 A Mid-term Plan for the Development of Early Childhood Education (2018-2022) in Korea

08 Mid-and Long-term Developmental Plans of Childcare Policies: 2018-2022

11 Life Cycle Conformity Assessment of Policy Response to Low Fertility: Focusing on Childcare

13 A Study on a Legal Basis to Ensure Children's Rights

Child Development & Education

18 A Study on the Revision of the National Nuri Curriculum for Children at Age 3 to 5

20 Evaluation of Nuri-policy and Future Tasks

22 A Study on School Environment for Promoting Children's Creativity in Pre- and Primary Schools

24 Child Health Improvement Policy Plan (II): Focusing on Diffusing the Plan

26 Panel Study on Korean Children (PSKC)

28 A Long-term Plan for Korean Children's Birth Cohort and the Validation Study of Development Scale

Staff of Kindergartens and Childcare Centers

32 Evaluation-based Consulting for Childcare Centers for the Quality Improvement of Childcare Services (III)

34 Plans to Enhance the Safety of Childcare and Education Environments (III): Analysis on Health and Hygiene Management in Kindergarten and Childcare Centers

36 Survey of ECEC Staff and Leaders for Quality Improvement of Nuri Curriculum

39 Measures for Supporting Teachers to Reinforce the Operation of Infant Classes

42 A Study on the Improvement of Assistant Workforce for Kindergarten and Childcare Centers

Child-rearing Cost

48 KICCE Child-rearing Price Index (Ⅴ)

51 Early Child Education and Childcare Cost Estimate Research (Ⅴ)

53 A Study on the Current Status and Improvement of Extra Curricular Activities for Young Children (III): A Cross-national Comparative Study

55 The Standard Cost Computation for Childcare Centers and Kindergarten (Ⅴ)

Childcare Support for Households and Communities

60 A Study on the Current Status of Participation in Parent Education by Parents of Young Children and Methods of Improvement

62 A Study of a Support System for Parents of Elementary School Children

64 Developing Environment Indicators in the Parenting of One-Year Old Infants

66 Support Measures for Customized Child-Rearing (III): Current Status and Support Strategies for Single-Parent Families

68 Plans to Create a Community Environment for Promoting Children's Right to Play

70 KICCE Poll for Establishing the Culture of Happy Childcare (Ⅰ)
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