2018 KICCE Project Report Abstracts

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2018 KICCE Project Report Abstracts
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2018년도 영문 요약집
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Child Development
08 Child Health Improvement Policy Plan(Ⅱ): Focusing on Physical Health Measurement and International Comparison
09 The Longitudinal Study on Growth and Development of Korean Children 2018

Finance and Childrearing Cost
12 A Study of Governance for Financing Early Childhood Education and Care
13 Child Care and Education Finance in the Local Governments
14 A Study on the Spending and Childrearing Costs of Households with Young Children
15 Demands for Child Care Services of Household with Infants/Children and Governmental Policy Support
16 A Study of the KICCE Childrearing Price Index(CPI)

ECEC Policies
20 Issues and Tasks of Early Childhood Education and Care Policies in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution
21 KICCE Poll for Establishing the Culture of Happy Child Care(Ⅱ)
22 2018~2022 Analyses and Projects on Childrearing Policies(I)
23 Effectiveness Analysis of Nuri Course: Focusing on Utilization of the 「KICCE Child Observation Index of Nuri Course」
24 Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan for ECCE Policy Development Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region

ECEC Staff and Centers
28 Roadmap Development Study to Reduce Disparities between Kindergartens and Child Care Centers (I) : regarding the Teachers
29 Demand Analysis to Reform Child Care Support System
30 OECD TALIS Starting Strong Survey: Processing Report on the Main Survey 2018
31 Evaluation-based Consulting for Child Care Centers for Quality Improvement of Child Care Services(III)

Child Care Support for Households and Communities
34 Research of Constructing the System of Private-Public Cooperation in the Child Care Field
35 Support System Establishment for Integration of Infant Care and Public Medical Care
36 A Study on the Status of Using Private Babysitters and Plans for Their Management
37 Strategies for Fostering Childbirth and Child Care Friendly Workplaces and Society: Solutions to Expand Social Coverage for Work Family Balance Policies
38 A Study on How to Make Child-friendly Communities in Korea
39 Customized Child-rearing Supporting Plans(Ⅳ): Current Status and Supporting Strategies for Unmarried Single-parent Families
40 Shedding Light on the Blind Spot of Parent Education: Parent Education Projects for Working Parents and Fathers of Young Children
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