2020 KICCE Project Report Abstracts

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2020 KICCE Project Report Abstracts
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[ECEC Policies]
08 Research on Childcare Support Solutions for Balancing Work-Family Life in Dual-Earner Families
09 A Study on the Situation of North Korean Early Childhood Education and Care to Cope with Unification
10 Practical Plan of Education for Sustainable Development for Young Children
12 Gender Analysis of Child Care Economy and its Gender-egalitarian Strategies for Child Care Workforce
13 2018~2022 Childrearing Policy Analysis and Outcome Evaluation (Ⅲ)

[ECEC curriculum]
16 Monitoring and Support Planning of 2019 Revised Nuri Curriculum (Ⅰ)
18 An Analysis of Effectiveness of the Nuri Curriculum (Ⅲ): Development and Utilization of the Early Childhood Observation Application Parenting friendly culture
22 KICCE Poll on parenting policy for establishing happy child care culture (Ⅳ)
23 A Study on Development of Child-Care-Friendly Community For Coping with Lowest-low Fertility Rate Social Phenomenon (Ⅱ)
24 A Study on a Paradigm Shift Towards a Culture that Respects Parenting and Raising Positive Awareness on Parenting Culture (Ⅱ): Creating a culture of respect for parenting in the workplace Management and Staff of ECEC Centers
28 A Study on the Rationalization of Manpower Arrangements in Childcare Centers for Guaranteed Working Hours
29 Evaluation-based Consulting for Child Care Centers for Quality Improvement of Child Care Services (Ⅴ): Comprehensive Analysis of CARE Consultation Effects

[Inclusive Childrearing Support]
34 Diagnosis and Countermeasures on Social Conflicts in the Field of Early Childhood Education and Childcare(ECEC)
35 A Study on the Ways to Enhance Parenting Equity
37 Support for Infants in Poverty Households to Narrow the Social Gap (Ⅱ): Analysis of Parenting Needs for Infants Depending on Poverty Household Types Childrearing Cost
40 A Study on Reorganization of Childcare Centers' Cost Support and Sharing System
41 KICCE Spending Survey: A Study of Childrearing Costs and Demand for Childcare Services (Ⅲ)
42 A Study of the KICCE Childrearing Price Index (Ⅲ)

[International Cooperation and Comparisons]
46 A Comparative Study of Low Birth Issues and Childcare Policy in East Asian Countries(Korea, China, Japan) (Ⅲ): Focusing on child-rearing environment of the workplace and society
47 Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan for ECCE Policy Development and Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region (Ⅲ): Outcome analysis and monitoring of the consulting Development of Children
50 A study of support policy for maternal and newborn
51 2020 Longitudinal Study of Growth and Development of Korean Children: Panel Study on Korean Children (PSKC)
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