2021 KICCE Project Report Abstracts

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2021 KICCE Project Report Abstracts
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2021 KICCE 영문요약집
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[ECEC Policies]
08 A Mid-term Plan for the Development of Early Childhood Education and Care(2022-2027) in Korea
09 Effective linkage between daycare centers or kindergartens and Idolbom services
10 2018~2022 Childrearing Policy Analysis and Outcome Evaluation(Ⅳ): Focusing on 2020~2021 policies

[Technological media on Early Child]
14 A Study on Policy Measures to Optimize the Media Use of Infants and Young children
16 Measures to enhance the expertise of ECEC teachers through the use of EduTech

[Child Care Policies coping with COVID-19]
20 Restructuring the ECEC and childrearing support system for the post-covid19 time
21 Cross-National Comparison of Early Childhood Education and Care Policies in Response to COVID-19 Across USA, Germany and Korea

[Parenting friendly culture]
24 KICCE Poll on Parenting Policy for Establishing Happy Child Care Culture(Ⅴ)
25 A Study on a Paradigm Shift Towards a Culture that Respects Parenting and Raising Positive Awareness on Parenting Culture(Ⅲ): Creating a Culture of Respect for Childcare at Home and in Local Communities
27 A Study on Development of Child-Care-Friendly Community for Coping with Lowest-Low Fertility Rate Social Phenomenon(III)

[Inclusive Childrearing Support]
30 A Study on the Integrated Support for Childcare and Early Childhood Education Services in Rural Areas with a Sparsely Populated Infant and Toddler Population
32 Policy Support to Empower Multicultural Parents for Bilingual Language Development in Early Childhood
33 A Study on Support for early Children of North Korean Defector Families for Reducing the Social Gap

[Childrearing Cost]
36 A Study on the financial projections of parenting support policy and improvement of sharing structure
37 KICCE Spending Survey: A Study of Childrearing Costs and Demand for Childcare Services(Ⅳ)
40 A Study of the KICCE Childrearing Price Index(Ⅳ)

[Development of Children]
44 2021 Longitudinal Study of Growth and Development of Korean Children: Panel Study on Korean Children (PSKC)
45 Korean ECEC(Early Childhood Education and Care) Panel Study

[Play and Nuri-curriculum]
48 A Study on Ways to Disseminate Young Childrenʼs Play Culture Using Traditional Korean Games
50 Monitoring and Support Planning of 2019 Revised Nuri Curriculum(Ⅱ)
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