President Yoon’s government policies for enhancing child-rearing

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President Yoon’s government policies for enhancing child-rearing
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· In 2005, the Korean government set up a presidential committee for the aging society and population policy(PCASPP) and issued a 5-year plan for the same..
· Since May 2022 when President Yoon’s government was newly formed, the government accentuated a safe and qualified parenting environment and suggested several policies to guarantee it.
· In 2022, the payable amount of medical voucher for pregnant women increased.
· In 2022. a voucher to support babies after birth was introduced.
· The current government issued new governmental policies that include an assorted agenda focusing on support for child-rearing and child care. The issued agenda is for the department of health and welfare.
· The Korean government started financial support to relieve the burdens on parents and their households through various forms of benefits in July 2009 [Table 2].
- [Table 2] Cash benefits1) for child care and education for child rearing households in South Korea
· The Korean government is conducting a surveillance and prevention system and the National Vaccination Support Project for Children is ongoing.
· Rotavirus vaccination was adopted into the list of required vaccinations in 2022.
· All cases of rotavirus infection occur from 2 to 3 years old and the incidence is highest in infants between 6 months to 2 years of age.
· Approximately 21% of patients with diarrhea under 5 years old were confirmed to be rotavirus positive.
· Rotavirus vaccination under the National vaccination support project is beneficial for child-rearing households and the nation.
· HCB was introduced in 2009 and one of its purposes is to reinforce parenting choices. This has resulted in the extension of parenting choices, with increasing benefits and the supply of various forms of institutionalized care and services.
· Expanding parenting options includes, thinking of ways to enhance the child-rearing environment by laying a solid foundation for a healthy early childhood.
· How would the PB be incorporated with the current IB?
· Regarding rotaviral infection, vaccination is the best way to prevent it although good hygiene, such as regular hand washing, can also help.
Table Of Contents
I. Background
II. Current policies and new agenda for childbirth and child-rearing
III. Expectations and tasks for upcoming policies
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