2022 KICCE Project Report Abstracts

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2022 KICCE Project Report Abstracts
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[ECEC Policies]
08 A Study on the Establishment and Linkage of Financial Data for Early Childhood Education and Care
10 Improving Administrative Organizations and Functions of Local Offices of Education to Strengthen Early Childhood Education Support System
11 A Study on the Establishment of the Integrated Operation Foundation for Child Care
12 2018~2022 Childrearing Policy Analysis and Outcome Evaluation (Ⅴ): Focusing on 2021~2022 Policies
14 Monitoring and Support Planning of 2019 Revised Nuri Curriculum(Ⅲ)

[Parenting Friendly Support]
20 A Study on the Improvement of Time Policy for Equal Childcare Rights (I): On the Perspective of Reducing the Disparity of Parental Childcare by Employment Types
22 A Study on the Childcare Communities for Infants and Young Children
Pregnancy and Child Health Support
26 Evaluation and Development Plans of Infants, Young Children, and Pregnant Women Health Support Project
28 An Analysis of Childcare Infrastructure Trend and the Responsive Policy in the Era of Low Fertility: Focusing on the Pregnancy and Childbirth Infrastructure

[Management and Staff of ECEC Center]
32 A Study on Operation and Improvement of Extended Class Teacher, Assistant Teacher, Substitute Teacher in Daycare Center
33 A Study on the Construction of Kindergartens and Daycare Centers for the Future Environment (Ⅰ): Focusing on Space Restructuring

[Development of Children]
38 Comprehensive Analysis of the Panel Study on Korean Children (2008~2020)
40 2022 Longitudinal Study of Growth and Development of Korean Children: Panel Study on Korean Children (PSKC)
41 Korean ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care) Panel Study
42 A Study on How to Resolve the Gap in Development and Learning of Young Children After COVID-19(Ⅰ)

[Inclusive Childrearing Support]
46 A Study on the Ways to Support Vulnerable Family’s Parenting Capabilities (Ⅰ): Supporting Plans for Foster Families
48 Comprehensive Measure for Early Screening and Support for Children at Risk for Developmental Disabilities in Early Childhood Education and Care (I): A Survey and Development of Early Screening Tool

[Childrearing Cost]
52 Home Care Allowance Support Status and System Improvement Plan
54 KICCE Spending Survey: A Study of Childrearing Costs and Demand for Childcare Services (Ⅴ)
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