2023 KICCE Project Report Abstracts

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2023 KICCE Project Report Abstracts
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ECEC Policies
08 A Study on Improving the Quality of Kindergarten After-School Programs
11 Research on Diversifying the Operation of Kindergartens to Ensure Parental Choice and Enhance the Rationality of Institutional Management
13 Policy Performance and Tasks of ECEC(I): Focusing on the Outcome Evaluation of the National plan of ECEC
15 Monitoring and Improving Outcomes of the Integration of Early Childhood Education and Care (I): Identifying Key Tasks and Developing Outcome Indicators
16 An Analysis of Childcare Infrastructure Trend and the Responsive Policy in the Era of Low Fertility (Ⅱ): Focusing on the Education and Childcare Support Infrastructure for Infants
18 Infant and Toddler Data Integration Status and Improvement Plans

Management and Staff of ECEC Center
22 Employment Trends and Measures to Improve Treatment of Child Care and Kindergarten Teachers
24 Future-Ready Kindergartens and Childcare Centers Development Plan Research (II): Ways to Leverage SW and AI in Early Childhood Education

Parenting Support Policies
28 A Study on Analyzing the Demand for Emergency Care Services for Infants and Primary School Children and Measures of Institutionalization
29 Improvement of Time Policy for Equal Childcare Rights (Ⅱ): Ensuring Paternal Childcare Rights
31 A Plan for the Systemization of Child Care Support Policy in Infants

Development of Children
36 2023 Longitudinal Study of Growth and Development of Korean Children: Panel Study on Korean Children (PSKC)
38 Korean Early Childhood Education and Care Panel Study 2023
40 A Study on How to Resolve the Gap in Development and Learning of Young Children after COVID-19(Ⅱ)

Inclusive Childrearing Support
44 Analysis of the Social-Emotional Development Support Services for Children and Improvement Strategies
45 A Study on Supporting Parental Competence in Vulnerable Families (Ⅱ): for Adolescent Parents
47 Comprehensive Strategies for Early Screening and Intervention for Young Children at Risk of Disabilities in ECEC institutes (Ⅱ): Development of the screening tool for parents and the Guide for Parenting

Childrearing Cost
50 A Study of Childrearing Costs and Demand for Chilcare Services (KICCE Spending Survey Ⅱ) Child Rights and Protection
56 Prevention and Post-Management Strategies for Infant Abuse: Focusing on Infant Abandonment
58 The Protection and Research on the Actual Condition of the Children’s Online Privacy
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