2012 KICCE Project Report Abstract

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2012 KICCE Project Report Abstract
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2012년도 영문 요약집
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- An Analysis on the Daily Tasks of Teachers in Kindergartens and Childcare Centers 08
- The Development of Consulting Models for the Nuri Curriculum Implementation 09
- Readdressing the Influence of Time Spent in Childcare Services on Child Development through Analysis of Cortisol Levels 10
- An Investigation of Improved Methods of Support for Inclusive Childcare and Education for Young Children with Special Needs 11
- An Analysis of Expenditure on Childcare and Education, and Related Policy Suggestions 12
- An Investigation into the Cost of Child-Rearing and the Development of a Child-Rearing Price Index (CPI) 13
- The Current Status of the Local Community Childcare Delivery System and Suggested Improvement Measures 14
- An Investigation of Potential Policy Measures to Support Children of North Korean Migrants 15
- An Investigation of the Current Costs of Standard Childcare 17
- Establishing Criteria for Standard Unit Costs of Early Childhood Education: Focusing on Private Kindergartens 18
- Current Status of and Support Policies for Overseas Korean Kindergartens 19
- A Study on Mid- and Long-term Development Directions in Early Childhood Education Policies: 2013-2017 20
- Mid- and Long-term Developmental Plans of Childcare Policies: 2013-2017 21
- Current Status and Improvement of Public Kindergartens 22
- Establishment and Operation of Public Childcare Centers 23

- A Research on an Integrated Support System for Child-Rearing of the Socially Vulnerable (Ⅳ): Developing Character Education Programs in the Early Years 26
- Achievements of the Childcare Policy in 2012 and Future Tasks 27
- Outcomes of the Early Childhood Education Policy in 2012 and Future Tasks 29
- Analysis on Outcomes and Processes of Collaboration Between Kindergartens and Childcare Centers (Ⅳ): Promoting the Yeong Cha Project by Expanding Pilot Sites 30
- Current Status of and Policy Measures for the Company Support for their Employees’ Child-Rearing 32
- Recommendations for Policy Proposals for Improving Fertility Rate and Reconciling Work and Family Life (Ⅱ): A Focus on In-home Care for Infants and Suggested Support Measures 34
- An Investigation of the Current State of the Nuri Curriculum for age 5 and Suggestions for its Improvement 36
- An Analysis of the Current Status of the Nuri Curriculum for age 5 and Proposals for the Improvement of its Implementation 37
- A Study of the Implementation of the Nuri Curriculum for age 5: The Development of the Child Assessment Scale 39
- Curriculum Articulation between the Nuri Curriculum for age 5 and Elementary School & the Nuri Curriculum for ages 3 and 4 40
- Panel Study on Korean Children 2012 42
- An Investigation of the Panel Study on Korean Children 44
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